Sigma is located in Kolding, were we are producing high technological machines and processing plants with complete weighing and dosing systems and temperature control. We are in possession of great experience in handling and mixing of low-viscosity to very viscous products, and dosing/mixing and in-house transport of powder products for the food industry, the pharmaceutical and cosmetic industry, and the chemical/technical industry.

Sigma works according to the ISO 9001 standards, and have since 1970 worked up a wide-ranging experience within designing, manufacturing, delivering and servicing when it is about processing and mixing technology.

It is of great importance to Sigma, that we at all levels are considered a competitive, effective and flexible sparring partner, who can save the customer from the often too long times of delivery. By a flat organization, a tight administrative control and effective design and calculation tools, we secure that the customer experiences an economic saving compared to the prices quoted by the competitors on the market.

Sigma has worked up a solid and deeply rooted network cooperation with a professional team of subcontractors who assist in making the individually adjusted solutions. Besides this, the network consists of system developing people, suppliers of electronic, sheet metal working companies and turning/milling specialists. All economic calculations, item lists, production control, quality control and other administrative routines are managed for all the subcontractors from our office located on Gejlhavegård 14a in Kolding. At the same time, by means of our "just in time" system, the customer can always be sure that quality, price and time of delivery are according to the promised.

Lars Pedersen


At Sigma we have always had great focus on development. Actually, we have not always manufactured the plants by ourselves, but in periods solely focused on the very development work. Today Sigma manufactures all plants, as we believe that only in this way we can undertake the guarantee that all our plants live up to our heavy demands on quality in all details.

Parallel with the production, we constantly have several experiments running, in order to secure that also in the future we will be able to keep our leading position when talking about mixing. Among other things, we make research in dispersing and homogenizing, as we are of the opinion that concerning these subjects there are still undiscovered possibilities of carrying out the process with less power consumption and less working up – resulting in a higher quality. That is really the whole purpose of our development work: constantly to assist the customers in delivering the supremely best quality of the market.


Of course, it is important to protect your interests when you are one of the leading companies. On the contrary, it implies the risk that the development is going to be too one-sided and laboratory-theoretic. Consequently, we think it is necessary with a certain openness and cooperation, with customers and partly with the relevant authorities.


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