Expansion joints


Sigma Process Engineering ApS manufactures expansion joints for equalization of pressure and vibrations, and also mechanical and thermal movements due to temperature variations in piping systems and industrial plants.

The expansion joints are supplied as standard solutions or as special solutions tailored to customer wishes and special requirements. Expansion joint bellows are manufactured as multilayer bellows in different grades of steel, customized special requirements and conditions for example: AISI 321, 316, 304 and similar.
Dimension: DN 50 - DN 2500. Pressure: PN 2.5 - PN 25.

The expansion joints are produced in different designs for axial, angular or lateral movements with welding ends, flanges or loose flanges and with inner sleeve.

The production program is based on a basic knowledge of the issues to be resolved in the customer's industrial plants, piping or motor installation, as well as experience with the most suitable materials. This ensures efficient and reliable high-quality products.


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