Quality products

…is in fact many things!
Of course, there is the quite clear quality of production – but in our opinion, it does not end with this. Quality is also:

  • that the customer is offered the right solution individually dimensioned
  • that the price is right
  • that the time schedule is adjusted to the production - and stay on schedule!
  • that the documentation is first class.
  • that also after a sequence of years it is easy to make adjustments, based on the original drawings and calculations.
  • that the customer can count on that the supplier still exists when the plant is to be extended or adjusted
  • and last but not least, that every delivered solution forms a completely integral part of the other equipment of the factory
  • ISO 3834-2:2005

In our opinion it is very important to work from some determined standards. Therefore, terms like ISO 9001, the Machine Directive, GMP and FDA standards, etc. are not only words to us – they are a part of our everyday life.

Quality is also about consistency. Therefore, it is a daily pleasure to be in contact with some of our first customers, who have followed us faithfully through 30 years. This is contributing to securing a consistency and economic stability making us able to be on the market if your plant has to be changed in many years.

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