Propeller agitator

High quality durable propeller agitator.

In the vast majority of mixing tasks it is very important to obtain a controlled uniform movement in the whole batch, so that no "dead" zones arise.

The propeller works free from cavitation and the whole motor power is utilized optimumly for liquid conveying, with an axial flow process directed towards the tank bottom, and where the flows are thrown back in an upward direction.

The shaft end of the PAL agitator is suspended in strong lifetime lubricated ball bearings mounted in a heavy-duty, closed bearing housing, where  seals or single- acting, medium lubricated sliding ring seals are mounted.

The shaft end of the PAG agitator is supended in the strong oil lubricated ball bearing of the gear box, mounted rigidly around the hollow shaft of the gear, where also oil seal rings are mounted.

Furthermore, the tank flange is mounted with lip seals working as oil leakage safety.

The agitators are manufactured of the best stainless steel grades and according to international standards. They are suitable for products in the food industry, the pharma­

ceutical, the cosmetic and the chemical/technical industry.


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