Process plant, fruit production

1 off PVIJ-C-R-1500, round vertical process wessel for fruit production.

The shell and 40°bottom are insolated with 50 mm glass wool and are closed

with welded cladding on the shell and bottom.

The tanks are provided with welded domed tops, and with 500mm hinged




Water, pectin and 5-10mm frozen cubes, are dosed into the batch tank.

The machine and heating procces will start and is dimensioned to hold the pro-

duct in a high rate of movement, with a viscosity on 12000 Cps. This will turn

the calories, and at the same time ensure that they are transferred optimally into the product.

The product will reach a temperature of 92°C within a timeframe of 45 minutes

using 3 bar steam at 143°C.

- Immediately after that, the product is cooled down from 92°C to  35°C by using

5°C water.

The wessel is supplied with three tubular legs with ball foots and baseplates. 

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